About Us

Asepsis Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to the commercialization of the most extensive array of patient focused hospital and critical care injectable drugs.

Asepsis consolidates some of the most talented and passionate PhD’s in the fields of biology, pharmacology, chemical and engineering. This scientific diversity creates an innovative company that capitalizes on complex therapies and specialized delivery methods for them.

We believe through enhancing and simplifying injectable medication administration, a safer, more efficacious and tolerable patient injection can be realized.

Our product portfolio encompasses some of the world’s most technologically advanced drugs used in the treatment of cancer, resistant infection and other life threatening diseases. Our combined technology and unique expertise allows our R&D to focus on specific disease pathways and dosage delivery mechanisms, which enables innovative developments for cost-effective patient specific medicine.

The integration of our injectable safety and delivery platforms, coupled with production quality standards certified by the US FDA and European authorities, creates a company dedicated to advancing patient safety.


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