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At Asepsis, we are committed to developing innovative medicines and products inspired by the needs of patients and health care professionals. Focusing on these needs, we identified areas for advancement in formulation, delivery and tolerability for some of the most widely used medications.

We are in an exciting phase of growth, fueled by proprietary delivery technologies integrated with a diverse injectable product portfolio. This consolidation creates an industry pioneer in patient focused critical care pediatric, geriatric and renal impaired injectable medicine.

In addition, we have filed multiple patents on products that will revolutionize the way patients are injected. Our pipeline is full of candidates that fit our product paradigm to address unique delivery and efficacy in key therapeutic areas.

This year we will publicly release an innovative patented home infusion product line. This will contribute to millions of patients being more safely and effectively treated with injectable medications in the comfort of their own homes.

During the same period, we will continue to formulate and launch one of the most specialized patient specific critical care portfolios in over 25 countries. From pediatric health to the most complex life-saving molecules, our platform focus is to deliver these medicines in a safer and more effective way.

On behalf of all of us, thank you for your interest in Asepsis, a company that is built, focused and operated for innovating patient focused medicine.


Mike Creaturo

CEO and Steering Committee Chairman


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